Principle centred

silver birch trees in autumnal colours

Principle-Centred Development will enhance the quality of relationships across all areas of your organisation.

There is a direct, positive correlation between your organisation’s performance and the quality of the relationships with and within all of your key groups; customers, staff, suppliers, shareholders, communities and regulators. Poor relationships with any of these groups will have a negative impact on your performance.

Relationships are built on trust. At the core there are three key principles in play; a mutual perception that you care, that you are honest and that you are fair. The fundamental place of these principles within effective relationships is universal to all cultures. As such they form the foundation to all Onesimus development interventions.

In addition to the universal principles, Principle-Centred Development is built on your organisation’s core principles/values. The walls and reports of organisations are often littered with well intentioned, but ultimately toothless, values statements. An integral part of Principle-Centred Development is the identification of the key principles that define the uniqueness of your organisation and that are critical to your success. These principles are then brought to life through the Principle-Centred Development process which moves individuals from an intellectual understanding of your principles to a place of conviction and engagement.