Delivering More for Less

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Organisational life is built on relationships. The better your relationships the more efficient and effective your organisation will be.

Many organisations are well versed in practices aimed at improving the efficiencies of their processes and systems and recognise the benefits of paying close attention to how every pound or hour is spent within the business. However these same organisations are often prepared to tolerate huge waste and costly inefficiencies arising from dysfunctional relationships across their operations.

For a moment reflect on the following questions:-

Rate on a scale of 1-10 the quality of some key relationships within your organisation. For example relationships with customers or suppliers, relationships within your senior management team, relationships between different departments or functions.

  • What are the costs or implications to your organisation of this relationship not being positive and effective?
  • What would be the benefits to your organisation of improving this relationship?

Relationships that lead to results

Every Onesimus development intervention will enhance the quality of relationships within your organisation. Within our range of development offerings we have a specific group of products targeting the inherent waste present in ineffective relationships. These products will enable you to deliver more for less.

  • Organisation relationship audit
  • Relationship coaching
  • Principle centred team development
  • The Myth of the Senior Management Team
  • Leader/Follower workshops