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'Organisations are no longer built on force, but on trust'

Management Agenda, Roffey Park 2008

There can be no trade off between commercial imperatives and trust. Recent events have seen many global organisations struggle or fail through corporate scandal and the erosion of trust. If trust is lost results will suffer.

Because of the exponential growth in IT and networking organisations can no longer manage perceptions through good PR and marketing. Reputation has to be built from the very core of the organisation.

Reputation that leads to results

If an organisation is to be trusted with the big things it must be trustworthy in the small things. This trust can take years to build and be destroyed in a moment. Every transaction or decision is a test of the organisation’s trustworthiness. Universally accepted principles of what is right and good are at the centre of our range of development products designed to build the reputation of your organisation. These include: -

  • Values Statement Preparation
  • Building the Trusted Organisation
  • The Courageous Follower
  • Principled Decision Making