Responding to Change

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Responding to change remains the number one organisational challenge.

  • 2/3 of firms surveyed see managing change as their biggest challenge
  • 58% of organisations admit that traditional change management programmes fail to gain momentum.

Management Agenda, Roffey Park 2008

Sustained performance is built on the ability to continually adapt to changes in the world around you. This requires: -

  • Leaders that are effective and respected
  • The ability to work flexibly across functional and hierarchical boundaries
  • Staff who are ready to change

Responsiveness that leads to Results

Our unique Principle-Centred approach helps organisations to maximise the space in which its people can operate. This space makes it possible for people to be flexible, responsive, and innovative, maximising discretionary effort.

Traditional command and control approaches to leadership are inadequate when responding to fast changing environments. This is well illustrated in the way modern military operations have developed in the last 30 years. To operate in an ever changing world, where responding at speed is critical, a different approach is needed, where leaders will set the broad direction and guiding principles but trust their people to respond and make decisions on the ground as to how these are achieved.

We develop change capability through a range of development interventions including: -

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Values Based Management
  • Change Capability Workshop
  • Three Dimensional Thinking